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The Mercenary - Protector (4) - Kain And Abel (CD)

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  1. Tracks taken from Protector of Death demo, Tracks taken from Misanthropy EP, Tracks taken from Golem album,
  2. En "Major Records" lanzó un CD recopilatorio (dedicado a Michael Hasse) con 16 pistas llamadas "Perdido en la eternidad". Kain and Abel 3. Protector of Death 4. Agoraphobia 5. The Mercenary 6. EP, 03 Julio - Atom H Records. 1. Intro: 2. Misanthropy: 3. Holy Inquisition: 4. Agoraphobia: 5. The Mercenary: 6. Kain and Abel.
  3. 1. protector of death 2. apocalyptic revolution 3. misanthropy 4. holy inquisition 5. agoraphobia 6. the mercenary 7. kain and abel 8. holocaust 9. delirium tremens apocalyptic revelations golem germanophobe protector of death operation plaga extrema megalomania only the strong survive omnipresent aggression
  4. May 12,  · Use this replacer plugin if you don't have Far Harbor and Nuka World. This is only the updated plugin, you still need to have installed The Mercenary - Pack v file (or v with The Mercenary - Pack v - Update Only Version).
  5. Side DOOM: Misanthropy / Holy INquisition / Agoraphobia Side DEAF: The Mercenary / Kain And Abel / Holocaust.
  6. CDではオリジナルLPの体裁でオフィシャルCD化されるのは今回が初です。 "Misanthrophy" MLP (年1st MLP) A1. Misanthropy A2. Holy Inquisition A3. Agoraphobia B1. The Mercenary B2. Kain And Abel B3. Holocaust "Protector of Death" 7" (年1stデモ) A. Protector .
  7. On the 12th of september Protector played their first gig in Eupen/Belgium together with "Assassin", and only one week later they played their first gig in Germany (Braunschweig) together with "Sodom", for whom Michael Hasse, some years earlier, had been doing the fan-club. Gigs with among others "Messiah" and "Tankard" followed the same year.
  8. Abel is a playable character from the Archanea Series of Fire Emblem and a boss character in the spin-off, Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. Alongside his boon companion Cain, Abel is a cavalier of Altea who is also known under the alias of the "Panther". Chronologically, Abel makes his first appearance in Prologue II of Shadow Dragon, where, under the orders of Elice, he and Frey assists Marth in.
  9. Protector n'est pas un groupe de thrash allemand comme les autres. Misanthropy n'a pas le son gras typique des productions locales, et, c'est là son point fort, il sonne vraiment death. Sodom flirtait à ses débuts avec le black ancestral, Protector est plutôt une sorte de version européenne de menvandlconnantydeconseedeslisurdsouth.coinfo ce soit sur un rythme rapide ("Holocaust") ou plus mesuré et lourd ("Kain and.

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